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Happy #RFBversary to Alicia Cote and ”Mood Indigo“

D.J. Suzie talks about her journey to Radio Free Brooklyn and how her love for the “bluer” sides of music led to “Mood Indigo.”


Every Tuesday for the past two years, Alicia Cote’s on-air persona, D.J. Suzie, takes the airwaves with her late night / early morning rendezvous, Mood Indigo, where she features a different theme / genre each show — from funk to acid house to blues to stoner metal to psych to hyperpop — slipping into each genre’s bluer side, making the show a cathartic release for whatever life conjures up; an oasis where one can let go.

Mood Indigo was first conceived in Richmond, V.A. in 2016 as a coping mechanism for post-college-graduation woes, airing on 97.3FM WRIR, Richmond Independent Radio. She moved to NYC in February 2018 to pursue a career in the music industry and found Radio Free Brooklyn through the web. The first show she discovered was “Brooklyn Bandstand.” She loved the vibe and the rest, as they say, was history.

D.J. Suzie sets the mood at “Mood Indigo.”

Says D.J. Suzie, “Radio Free Brooklyn welcomed me with open arms when I was searching for another broadcast home. With its eclectic shows, zany energy and [love of] music nerds uniting, I knew I’d find a safe space in the RFB family. In this age of unlimited choice, tuning in to radio for sonic exploration is a gateway to a sacred pastime of freedom and discovery — both for the listener and host. I’m so thankful to be a member of the RFB family to communicate and share with others via music. Thank you so much for listening, and here’s to another two years!”

Tune into Mood Indigo, Tuesdays at midnight.

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