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Graffiti of "No North Brooklyn Fracked Gas Pipeline" in Greenpoint

Nov 30 2021

North Brooklyn Organizing for Climate Justice is Community and Environmental Resilience (Part 1)

For the past two years, a coalition of Brooklyn-based climate activists has been demonstrating in opposition to a fracked gas transmission pipeline project running from Brownsville to Greenpoint.
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George Faulkner at the microphone

Sep 19 2021

#RFB Host Profile: George Faulkner and “Metrowave”

George Faulkner spills about his favorite childhood band, the unexpected delight of creating music remotely—and internationally—during the pandemic, and why Sunday nights are Funday nights!
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Kaitlyn DeTrinnis

Aug 16 2021

#RFB Host Profile: Kaitlyn DeTrinis & “Mixed Signals”

The Power of One: Kaitlyn DeTrinis of "Mixed Signals" wants to make us think more ethically about the way we all consume music.
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Jim Melloan in a 70's photo

Aug 8 2021

#RFBMilestones: Jim Melloan and “50 Years Ago This Week”

Jim Melloan of “50 Years Ago This Week” has been bringing popular music from the 20th century to new audiences since RFB began. Read on for the method (and memories) behind his music madness! (That's Jim on the left with his sisters 50 years ago, in 1971.)
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happy anniversary monkeys

Aug 8 2021

#RFBMilestones: Happy RFBversary!

There hasn't been all that much to celebrate lately...but check out these Radio Free Brooklyn shows that reached milestones this summer! Shout-outs and congrats to all!
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improbable confetti playing music

May 12 2021

“Improbable Confetti” hits Episode 100!

”Oh wait, I thought we were doing costumes for the 100th?! So I just bought this Jorge Luis Borges full-body suit and mask for nothing? Seriously, we talked about it and everything!”
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Millie Small

May 10 2021

#RFBinTribute: Millie Small

In the mid-1960s, teenage Millie Small's hit song, “My Boy Lollipop,” helped pave the way for Jamaican music and musicians (especially ska), to become internationally popular.
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Noah Dreiblatt

May 6 2021

RFB Artist Interview: Noah Dreiblatt

“I’ve always thought if you can’t laugh into the abyss, it’ll laugh into you.” Experimental pop artist Noah Dreiblatt talks to RFB's Girl Wunder about his debut solo album, Doomscrolling, on the eve of his appearance on this week’s (05/07) Virtual Voyager!
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LoveHoney band photo

Feb 13 2021

RFB Artist Profile: LoveHoney’s New Album Release

Lovehoney frontwoman Aly Quiñones on what it was like for the band to create their new album (releasing 02/14/21) while the Covid-19 pandemic is still, sadly, a thing, being a little brown grrrl in a band making noise — and the William Burroughs quote she lives by.
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Francesca D'Alessio in a radio studio

Feb 7 2021

RFB Host Profile: Francesca D’Alessio and “Love Me or Leave Me”

“Love Me or Leave Me” host Francesca D’Alessio on her lifetime love of radio, why Nina Simone is her muse and how RFB’s “Wall of Lies” led to doing her show.
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Adam Schlesinger

Jan 26 2021

#RFBinTribute: Adam Schlesinger

RFB editorial star Emily Scott penned this poignant tribute to the Fountains of Wayne frontman, who died from complications of COVID-19 in April 2020 at age 52.
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Dan Fireberg in front of chain link fence

Jan 18 2021

RFB Artist Profile: Dan Berg interview with Girl Wunder

Jessica Wu (a.k.a Girl Wunder of RFB’s Virtual Voyager), chats with electro-soul-jazz-house music producer Dan Berg (a.k.a. Fireberg) on the debut of his latest mix, “Supernova,” making music during a global pandemic — and the sounds you might find in outer space.
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Alex Jones

Nov 30 2020

RFB Host Profile: Alex Jones of “Alex Jones’ Planet of Sound”

Broadcasting from Manchester, England, Alex Jones shares his love for psychedelic music and breathes new life into a genre associated with the turbulence and social changes of the 1960s.
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Stranger Than Christian on Radio Free Brooklyn

Nov 29 2020

RFB Host Profile: Christian Carrion of “Stranger Than Christian”

He’s been a game show contestant, podcast host and co-founder of a game show marathon charity. Now, Christian Carrion adds “unscripted radio show,” to his considerable credits.
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Jesse Roth

Nov 29 2020

RFB Host Profile: Jesse Roth of “The Mess”

Jesse Roth brings her comedic chops to a new medium with her new show lauding (and loving) all things Pop.
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Giants Among Men logo

Sep 30 2020

RFB New Host Profile: Brian and Scott of “Giants Among Men”

Brian DiMenna and Scott Ishii have been shouting their hot takes on New York sports at each other since childhood. Now, you’ll get to hear them, too.
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Kevin Rooney and his cat Eric

Sep 26 2020

RFB New Host Profile: Kevin and Eric of “The Daily Echo”

Multispecies host duo Kevin and Eric of “The Daily Echo” give their unique perspectives about... what it’s like to be a multispecies host duo.
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Dead Air Logo

Sep 23 2020

RFB New Host Profile: Cookie Puss of “Dead Air”

Universal Pictures had E.T.; NBC had ALF. Radio Free Brooklyn has Cookie Puss — its new resident alien host who promises to be very tasty (if not exactly tasteful).
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Private Party logo

Sep 22 2020

RFB New Host Profile: Mr. Funkopops of “Private Party”

SoCal DJ Mr. Funkopops hosts a smooth and sensual “Private Party” where everyone (or at least RFB listeners) is/are always on ”The List.”
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Give to Grace

Sep 21 2020

Securing Their Future: Grace Exhibition Space Celebrates Its Evolution with #Give2Grace

From September 22–28, Grace Exhibition Space presents a week-long virtual art event and fundraiser to celebrate its evolution — and survival as a dedicated home for performance artists.
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Manu Dibango

Sep 15 2020

#RFBinTribute: Music in Memoriam “Big Blow — The Loss of Manu Dibango”

Kent Koren, RFB’s host of “The Mothers of Connection,” penned this tribute to the great and prolific Cameroonian musician Manu Dibango, who died this spring from COVID-19 at the age of 86.
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4 hurdy gurdy players

Sep 14 2020

Hurdy Gurdy Songs Celebrates 100 Episodes of Music, Truth Telling and Memories

Jorge Arevalo Mateus and RFB’s Hurdy Gurdy Songs celebrates its 100th episode on Tuesday, September 15 with a calvacade of truth-telling musical talent from around the world.
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Hallie Spoor

Aug 7 2020

RFB Artist Profile: Brooklyn singer-songwriter Hallie Spoor’s new video: “City Angels”

Vivian Bossieux-Skinner of RFB's Art Corner revisits with Brooklyn singer-songwriter Hallie Spoor as she releases a new video of her song, “City Angels.”
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The Oral History of New York logo

Aug 6 2020

RFB New Host Profile: Brad Bailey of “The Oral History of New York”

Not many people would choose to debut a new radio show in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, but Radio Free Brooklyn — and all of New York City — should be real glad Brad Bailey did.
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girl wunder jessica wu

Jun 3 2020

#RFBhostprofile: Jessica Wu is the “Girl Wunder” behind “Virtual Voyager”

RFB’s “Girl Wunder” debuts her new show “Virtual Voyager” in the midst of a global pandemic... and the worst civil unrest the U.S. has experienced in our lifetimes.
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Time to be Useless show logo

May 28 2020

#RFBhost profile: Eric Speck and the fresh sounds, hidden treasures and lost gems of “Time to Be Useless.”

Many people love music, but to Eric Speck, letting it render you “useless” is an even higher calling.
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Fraser Tye

Apr 30 2020

Fraser Tye of Radio Free Brooklyn’s “Brooklyn Vignettes” podcast

Australian expat Fraser Tye on why “Brooklyn Vignettes” is Brooklyn’s ultimate “bedtime story.”
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