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RFB New Host Profile: Mr. Funkopops of “Private Party”

SoCal DJ Mr. Funkopops hosts a smooth and sensual “Private Party” where everyone (or at least RFB listeners) is/are always on ”The List.”

We spent a few minutes with Mr. Funkopops, host of “Private Party” to find out how a DJ from Southern California came to know, love — and become part of RFB. 

RFB: Tell us a little bit about the creative (or other) path(s) that led to you doing your show at RFB.

FOP: I would listen to RFB often during my current office job because I admired the diverse lineup of music and hosts. I immediately wanted to find out more about the station and see if it would be possible to somehow take part. I have always been interested in building community with others — especially music lovers, and I feel radio is one way I can further this passion because you have the chance to network with listeners and music lovers from all over the world.

Mr. Funkopops and some of his Party selections.

RFB: Why did you choose RFB? As a native New Yorker, I’m always thrilled when hosts come from other states (and sometimes even countries!).

FOP: I chose RFB because of the station’s commitment to Community, Discovery and Education, as well as its dedication to uplifting/giving a voice to underrepresented populations. Furthermore, I completely love Brooklyn! The last time I was there (in February 2019) I had the pleasure of playing vinyl on The Lot Radio’s Soul Clap Records Radio Show. I wanted to find a way to stay connected with the city, so it was awesome to find out that RFB had opportunities for peeps in other areas to apply for a chance to be a part of what they’re doing.

RFB:  Give a hint of what listeners can expect from each show.

FOP: Listeners will have the pleasure of listening and unwinding to some of the smoothest R&B and smooth jazz from the mid to late 80s. The show has real late-night sensual quiet storm vibes; that is, it’s a show that is dedicated to R&B love ballads and slower tempo funk, new jack swing and smooth jazz grooves. I highly recommend listeners have a cocktail in hand and a couple of candles lit during the show.

Mr. Funkopop’s at-home studio setup.

RFB: The COVID-19 pandemic continues, but that hasn’t stopped you from debuting a show — and from Southern California, no less! Tell us about the challenges and rewards of your process so far — and maybe a little about your in-home studio setup as well.

FOP: One of the challenges I’ve faced is figuring out which software works best to record and edit my shows (i.e., Ableton, Audacity etc.). This has been a major learning process because I am quite meticulous on ensuring things sound good. Though this has been a challenge, it is also rewarding because I have become much more well-rounded in regards to recording audio. For my studio/show, I operate two Reloop 7000mk2s and a Numark scratch mixer. I tend to use all vinyl records for the musical selections on Private Party.

RFB: What is the takeaway you hope people get from Private Party?

FOP: I really just hope listeners get exposed to underrated rare mid to late 80s R&B tracks they haven’t heard before. Hopefully they also use the music as a way to wind down and relax into their late nights/early mornings.

Tune in to “Private Party” Fridays at 2:00am

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