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#RFBhostprofile: Jessica Wu is the “Girl Wunder” behind “Virtual Voyager”

RFB’s “Girl Wunder” debuts her new show “Virtual Voyager” in the midst of a global pandemic... and the worst civil unrest the U.S. has experienced in our lifetimes.

RFB: Hi Jessica! Tell us a little about the creative (or other) path(s) that led to you doing your show on RFB.

JW: This is a tough question to answer in less than 600 words! I have a lot of creative interests I am still developing and working to bring together in my life. Besides music, I am a yoga instructor and currently pursuing a Certificate in Holistic Health. I am also a science fiction enthusiast, a feminist, a dog lover, an avid student of the social sciences and arts… seriously I could go on for a while! But music / DJ-ing is probably the most effective format for me to express all my thoughts and feelings. I try to include concepts of spirituality, social justice, self-introspection and science fiction in my music, which I hope people can hear when they listen to my mixes.

RFB: Why did you choose RFB?

JW: I have been following Radio Free Brooklyn online for some time and been super intrigued by this organization’s great track record as one of the best online radio stations worldwide. A while back some people I know also recommended I consider participating in NYC’s radio/music scene. And so one night last month while binge-surfing the web, I poked around RFB’s website and saw that volunteer opportunities were available. On a wild hair I decided to apply — and that set me on the road to having my show.

RFB: I love that you’re a native New Yorker! Tell us about some of the best shows you’ve seen.

JW: My most memorable NYC nightlife experiences were hosted by a Brooklyn-based group called Rubulad. I haven’t been to their gatherings in some years but I remember they decorated a huge warehouse from floor to ceiling and had dancers, performers, and all kinds of music playing in different rooms all night long. There’d be punk or experimental psyche rock in one room, house music in another room, dubstep in still another — and then a rooftop theatrical performance with classical harp music! It was always so magical, and to this day represents the pinnacle of my nightlife experience because of their parties’ diversity. I feel it’s harder to get exposed to different music these days, because as creatures of habit, we tend to only gravitate towards the scenes we enjoy most.

Jessica bringing the “wunder” from home.

So it’s really impressive when a group can produce something that brings people of different backgrounds together, allowing the meeting (and melding) of diverse expressions and scenes.

RFB: Debuting a show during a global pandemic — and the worst civil unrest in our lifetimes is crazy — but you’re doing it! Are you broadcasting live from home or prerecord? Tell us a little bit about the challenges and rewards of your process so far.

JW: Right now my shows are prerecorded but I intend to get in-studio training and eventually do some live shows from RFB’s studios. I have already learned a lot by joining the RFB team. There is a really high level of organization and communication in this group and I am thrilled to have the chance to learn from everyone. I feel sad that I don’t have the opportunity to meet everyone in person yet — which is a challenge — but I am finding as many ways to stay as engaged as I can through our current online portals.

RFB: What is the takeaway you hope people get from “Virtual Voyager?”

JW: The premise of Virtual Voyager is to take people on an imaginary spaceship ride across the universe. Sometimes we will go through wormholes, meet other life forms, even visit other planets. Overall, I hope people feel a sense of wonder and thrill from listening to my show.

Virtual Voyager Logo

Tune in to “Virtual Voyager” Fridays, at 1:00 a.m.

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