Hosted by minus32heartbeat LIVE every Saturday at 11:00pm

minus32heartbeat presents Cinematics, a weekly one-hour show airing Saturdays at 11pm, live on Radio Free Brooklyn. Storytelling is a huge component of music, but can stories be told without lyrics? We think it can. Featuring vintage and modern ambient music, contemporary orchestral pieces, and selections from film scores both well-known and unfamiliar, Cinematics hopes to provide a soundtrack to your evening, whether you are out exploring the particulars of your city, or home decompressing from them.

About minus32heartbeat

minus32heartbeat is the musical moniker of NYC-based songwriter/producer/performer Matt Friedlander. His first radio broadcast involved laying down track-by-track commentary over a Billy Joel concert using a Fisher Price tape recorder when he was 9 years old (his parents were the sole audience). Matt is the former lead guitarist and songwriter for NYC band The GoStation. He now spends his days messing around with modular synthesizers and guitar pedals for future minus32heartbeat releases, taking long walks with headphones, and curating 59-minute playlists. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, son, and a dog named Sally.

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