Dead Air

Hosted by Cookie Puss every Thursday at 4:00am

The stupidest show in the galaxy! Every Thursday at 08:00 UTC, your host, Cookie Puss, brings you an intergalactic fever dream filled with celestial wisdom, derangement, mashups, ice cream, oxford commas, and dad jokes. Tune in as C.P., his girlfriend Cookie Chick, and their Friends – Fudgie the Whale, Cookie O’Puss (CP’s alcoholic uncle), Cupie Puss, Bunny Robert, Dumpy the Pumpkin, Tom Turkey, Priscilla & John, and Nutty the Ghost – deliver the strangest hour of music from their home planet and beyond.

About Cookie Puss

Born in 1972 as “Celestial Person” on the planet Birthday, Cookie Puss is “the craziest cake in the universe” and has been entertaining New Yorkers for over 3 decades. Cookie Puss has the ability to fly, though he requires a saucer-shaped spacecraft for interplanetary travel, and hopes to one day return to his home planet. C.P. is the nephew of Irish legend, Cookie O’Puss, and ives Brooklyn with life partner, Cookie Chick.

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