Life Support

Hosted by Bryant Denton LIVE every Friday at 11:00pm

Life Support is a talk show featuring conversations and content from creatives. Hosted by Bryant Denton, guests will be asked how they began pursuing their ambitions, and what's helped them stay the course, how they've dealt with internal struggles and external challenges, and for any advice they have for those who need it.

About Bryant Denton

I'm Bryant! I moved to NYC in 2022 and haven't looked back since. I was raised in Upstate New York (UPSTATE UPSTATE, near the Canadian border), and then moved to Vermont after graduating college studying broadcast journalism. After working as a server for 1000 different restaurants, I've been working in the public media sector since 2017, starting as an on air host at an NPR station, leading to reporting for national broadcasts and reviews online. Outside of work, I've been a fan of film, tv, video games, and comedy. I'm excited to share my expertise and interests with what I do at Radio Free Brooklyn!

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