Hosted by George Faulkner every Sunday at 10:00pm

Rock & Roll, R&B, Garage Rock, Indie/Alt, and even some Sunshine Pop, Metrowave is an hour of music without a lot of talk. You'll hear songs that get to the point, and songs that don't overstay their welcome. If it's got the right hook or melody, chances are it will wind up on Metrowave.

About George Faulkner

Remember what Sunday nights used to be like on the radio, or even on MTV? I do. It was a night you would get a taste of new and different music. Every day is like that on Radio Free Brooklyn, but when I was looking at time slots, I had to go for a Sunday night slot. Like the old WERS Metrowave show, Peter Zaremba on The Cutting Edge or Vin Scelsa's Idiots Delight, it's a special night for people who want to dive a little deeper into music territory. That's what this show is intended to do. I got my start on WNEC, WVOX, and WERS back in the day. Fast forward to today, and RFB is my new home. I'm a producer, engineer, musician, performer, and manage a small record label out of Brooklyn. I love Sunday nights. I hope you do too.

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