Never Too Much

Hosted by Alijah Webb LIVE every Tuesday at 7:00pm

Never Too Much is a music-based talk show, where over sharing through music is not only tolerated but encouraged!! Every Sunday, you’ll hear music, stories and anecdotes related to the theme of the week. Music is so personal and often evokes really interesting memories and stories. If you’re interested in hearing people reminisce and share music that lives close to their hearts, this is the show for you! Nothing is ever too much here!

About Alijah Webb

Alijah Webb is an elementary school art teacher, amateur puppeteer, and part time kazoo master. Alijah was born and raised in southern Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She spent her college years falling in love with radio at WCWM 90.9 FM in Williamsburg (…the colonial one). She has an ever-growing collection of cassette tapes and a deep love of pop culture. She can often be found baking or hanging out with her rabbit, Clementine.

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