Newfound Sounds

Hosted by Amy Baumgarten LIVE every Monday at 12:00pm

There are hundreds of your favorite songs you don’t even know exist yet. What if we can help you find them? Here at Newfound Sounds, we’re not stuck on one genre or time period. Our focus is uncovering music – songs you probably haven't heard yet and artists on the rise. They may strike you on the first listen, or you may need to save ‘em and listen back later. But when life gets in the way of your groove, you know you’ll have tunes to turn to each Monday at noon. Fill your lunch break with the chicken soup of your new favorite song (or two) to carry you through the week.

About Amy Baumgarten

Raised by Deadheads, Amy Baumgarten’s world was defined by the constant presence of music. From her first concert with her parents (Norah Jones) to her first concert without them (Maroon 5 and Train), Amy knew that music would become a big part of her life. While her love of music started very young, her love of freeform radio blossomed with AROUSE Student Radio at Ohio State. After joining the workforce, she realized that hosting a radio show would allow her to continue doing what she loves: pouring energy into finding great music and bringing together a community of friends — both old and new — in the name of unearthing those perfect songs. If you’re interested in following along with Amy, being a guest on the show, or have a song/album/artist recommendation, feel free to reach out to, or on Instagram at @newfoundsounds!

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