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It’s the up and coming Bushwick band you can’t get enough of; it’s the edgy photographer snapping the sickest shots at last night’s gig; it’s the retired rocker reminiscing over rounds of Tecate at the local dive—it’s Punk-ish. Join me each week in exploring the breadth of the punk-ish music scene (think: curated playlists, artist interviews, local spotlights, etc. etc.) all while proving to moms near and far that it's definitely not a phase. Thursdays 6-7pm ET—be there or be square.

About Hanna Hecht

Growing up, our Punk-ish host, Hanna, filled her time with what any other music-obsessed child would—dance classes of all sorts, learning how to play any instrument that she could get her hands on, and, of course, countless makeshift “concerts” at every family gathering (yes, with far too many cringe-worthy home videos to prove it…). Over the years, not much has changed—dancing at the ballet barre has turned into dancing on the bar table, the triangle has been swapped with a drum set, and at-home “concerts” have been exchanged for going to see, well, real concerts. Now, through Punk-ish, Hanna weaves this passion for music into yet another aspect of her life, connecting with the very people that make the BK music scene what it is today and sharing their stories, songs, etc. with you! If you’re interested in being a guest on Punk-ish, have an interviewee/song reco, or simply just want to see some of the aforementioned at-home “concerts,” please reach out to hanna@radiofreebrooklyn.org or @punkish_radio on IG. You can also check out some of Hanna's favorite tunes (local and non-local!) here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0Zz6lnAZvVENq9cOasirbE?si=f60b9b0b37ae4908

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