Revolutionary Abolitionist Radio

Hosted by Sergio Castillo LIVE every Friday at 3:00pm

It is only through conflict that change occurs. Society cannot evolve if the art of the dialectic is entirely in the hands of those who abuse it or are completely ignorant of it. Revolutionary Abolitionist Radio is an attempt to give a platformto marginalized people and communities in order to progress conversations on controversial topics forward and for audiences to hear the voices and perspectives of modern artists in all disciplines to understand our multicultural society beyond political rhetoric. Art is the ideological expression of the world in the poet’s mind.

But it is also completely understood that liberation for the masses will not come within an imperialist-capitalist social context or power structure. It is only through solidarity and revolutionary struggle against capitalism, racism, patriarchy, classism, and the state itself that freedom and liberation will emerge. Creating communities of struggle is essential to free many, if not all, worlds.

About Sergio Castillo

Sergio Castillo is an actor, writer, director, and producer for both theatre and film. Originally from California, Sergio has been seen in many productions on both coasts. He was a member of The Company of Angels in Los Angeles where he appeared in La Puta Vida and several original works. He also performed at The Latino Theatre Company and has a BA in Theatre-Directing from UCLA. He completed his MFA at the Actors Studio Drama School; Pace University.

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