The Junk and Jam Hour

Hosted by Christopher Albert LIVE every Wednesday at 2:00pm

The Junk and Jam Hour - produced, written and hosted by Christopher Albert - is an Entertainment Talk-Radio Program that provides its listeners with lively social commentary, electric live performances, and engaging interviews with new and seasoned artists, comedians, musicians, and writers – with the goal of highlighting their impressive projects and contributions.

About Christopher Albert

With a wit that was born from the streets of the Brooklyn slums, Christopher Albert has been defiant in his pursuit of producing entertainingly fun content – perhaps with a little more charm and eccentricity than most.

Christopher’s brutally honest approach to humor is evident in his litany of fearless material, including Junk and Jam – a suite of comedic content comprised of satirically animated graphics, Entertainment-Talk Radio Broadcast The Junk and Jam Hour, and Junk and Jam Live, the Comedic-Talk & Sketch Cablecast TV Series.

Prior to comedy, Christopher’s roots in entertainment began as a touring singer, where he was gifted the chance to perform on many stages – including the historic Apollo Theater, Disney Amphitheater and NJ Pac – with appearances on the Rosie O’ Donnell Show, Billboard Music Awards and features on MTV and PBS.

His collection of humorous writings include The Kettle Black: The Chronicles of Mia and Rocco as published on The Furious Gazelle, as well as the autobiographical short stories and future One-Man Showcase, A Crack Baby’s Bible.

Writer, producer, performer, humorist and host Christopher Albert humbly believes that humor is much more than just a singular tool used to escape the harsh realities of our world – it enriches it.

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