The 20's in Your Twenties
When the decade matches your age: “The ‘20s in your Twenties”

New RFB show hosts Zoe Abedon and Adair Jones will take you through their turbulent decade... and the world’s.

New RFB show hosts Zoe Abedon and Adair Jones will take you through their turbulent decade… and the world’s.
by Michele Carlo

RFB: Tell us a little bit about where you’re both from and the creative (or other) path(s) that led you to Radio Free Brooklyn and your show.

ZA: Hello Radio Free Brooklyn! I’m from South Carolina and Adair is from North Carolina.
AJ: We moved to Bushwick this summer after graduating Duke University in North Carolina, where we met as students and coworkers.

ZA: At Duke, I was super involved at WXDU, a local radio station in Durham. So, when moving here, I knew I wanted to get involved in a community radio station and found RFB through a simple Google search. I started by helping out with Objection to the Rule, but wanted to do a show of my own. One night, I was out with Adair and was talking to her about wanting to start a radio show and we ended up developing the idea for “The ‘20s in Your Twenties” on a dance floor in Bushwick.

RFB: Why did you choose RFB?

ZA: Truth be told, I initially chose RFB because the location was so convenient to where I lived, but then after attending the information session I was really impressed with how committed the RFB community is to the vibrancy and longevity of the station. I met some really bright, talented people, and hanging out in the station made me feel at home in New York for the first time after moving there. And then a couple months later I roped Adair into joining as well.

RFB: I love that you’re making a parallel between the new decade and your present lives. Will you be making any comparisons to the 20th Century ’20s (itself a decade of great creativity, innovation, social change and dissention)?

AJ: Yes, we certainly will compare this decade to the 1920s. However, that consideration may not be discussed in every episode. We look forward to digging through historical texts to find noteworthy facts that shed light on, or even complicate, the present moment — be it a century removed.

RFB: Give us a little preview of what to expect from each show.

ZA: Each show will be divided into a few segments, marked by music breaks. We intend to present our research on the chosen show topic, embellish this with our own stories and experiences on the matter, and end with the input and comments of fellow 20-somethings living in NYC.

RFB: What is the takeaway you hope people get from “The 20s in your 20s?”

ZA / AJ: There isn’t really meant to be a specific, concrete takeaway. It’s more of an archive of our experiences that we hope resonantes with other people going through similar things. We want to start conversations and contribute to conversations that already exist. Most people are basically on the brink at all times, so hopefully our show helps people feel less alone in the city.

Tune in to “The ‘20s In Your Twenties,” Sundays at 11:00pm.

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