The Circuit with Courtney Love on Radio Free Brooklyn
Meet Courtney Love of “The Circuit”

Courtney Love of ”The Circuit” is a huge music nerd whose mission is for everyone to hear music from and learn about every music festival across the globe...

Courtney Love (no, not that one) on why she’s so plugged into “THE CIRCUIT”
as told to RFB’s Michele Carlo

RFB: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and the creative (or other) path that led you to RFB?

CL: I grew up in Atlanta, where I worked at an independent record label in college. When I moved to NYC my path went in many directions with music always being the central one. I ultimately ended up hosting a show on another freeform station that sparked a love for radio I didn’t know I had, and [that love] led me to RFB.

RFB: Why did you choose RFB for your platform?

CL: [Because] Radio Free Brooklyn is freeform there’s a huge range of shows, and you’re not listening to one beat or genre all day. Plus, it’s community based, so the people who host shows are doing it because they genuinely want to be doing it. That’s something that comes across when you interact with anybody who’s a part of it [RFB], and it comes across when you listen.

RFB: I love that you’ll focus on music festivals from around the globe! What sparked this concept?

CL:  I’ve always been intrigued by what music people are drawn to regionally. For one thing, why certain bands do really well in certain parts of the country. Why are certain genres of music listened to more in certain areas? To take it a step further, think about a rock band from NYC vs one from LA, or hip-hop from east coast vs west coast vs the south. So the idea of looking at that on a rather microcosmic/global scale really struck with the nerd in me.

I’m also a huge fan of live music, and there’s almost nothing better to me than the experience of a really incredible show. [I love] the idea of making all of that accessible — for someone who’s listening in Brooklyn to feel like they get a sense of a festival where bands play across several pubs in Ireland or on a beach in Croatia or summer in Australia while it’s snowing [up] here is really exciting to me. Then possibly sparking something in someone to go out and hear and support live music is icing.

RFB: Tell us who would be your dream guest(s) and why.

CL: Oh man, there are so many. But being from Atlanta — if I am dreaming and all — Outkast or any variation of the duo would be bonkers! From the festival creator or curation side, Michael and Emily Eavis would be kind of an ultimate. Glastonbury is a bit of a dream that I hope to get to go to someday, and I’d love hearing their stories. Also, the curators of Tomorrow Never Knows in Chicago, and the people behind AfroPunk would be interesting to speak with, too!

RFB: What do you hope people get from listening to The Circuit?

CL: Mostly enjoying an hour of music. And maybe discovering something new they really dig — or getting them to go out to a show. Playlists are great; they’re a really quick and easy way to get a feel of something. But if I can add a few bits about the bands playing, or the region where the festival is, or have someone involved with the festival in studio live and talk about about it, hopefully that’s something that adds to the connection and visceral reaction to what you’re listening to.

Listen to The Circuit live Saturdays at 9pm.

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