Other Lives with Jesse Tabish. Photo: Michael Mackay Valentine.
Great Guest Get! Jesse Tabish of Other Lives on this week’s “The Daily Echo.”

The Daily Echo host Kevin Rooney interviews one of his favorite musicians and he's so thrilled he wants EVERYONE to know about it!

By Michele Carlo

This Thursday, April 28, The Daily Echo proudly presents: Jesse Tabish, the singer, guitar player, piano player, songwriter, and leader of Other Lives, the much-lauded American indie rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Host Kevin Rooney says Other Lives is his favorite band of the last decade. “Their last album, For Their Love was released in 2020. Their resume ranges from selling out both Bowery Ballroom and the Music Hall of Williamsburg on their 2015 tour through New York in support of Rituals, to touring with Radiohead, Bon Iver, S. Carey, and the Rosebuds—to playing at Coachella in 2012. What an honor for us to get to speak with Jesse this Thursday!”

We caught up for a minute with multi-species host duo Kevin and his cat Eric, to hear what else they had to say about Thursday’s show and guest.

Eric: I love Other Lives. I can’t believe they’re taking a step down to be on your ridiculous radio show. (Sits upright and alert, tail twitches slightly.)

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey! How dare you call it a “step down” to come chat with us on The Daily Echo! Our Thursdays together have been our sacred time for almost two years now. 

Eric: Even still, I feel like this is some kind of trick. You do know that Other Lives opened for Radiohead and Bon Iver, right? This isn’t like when you interviewed the Instagram guy that made videos in Heely’s. (Nonchalantly licks front paw.)

Kevin: Yeah, I know… but this is serious! We’re still going to make it fun though, you’ll see.

Eric: God help us. (Licks other front paw.)

Kevin: Why must you be so patronizing?

Eric: Don’t act surprised, when have I ever not been patronizing? (Turns back on Kevin, stares out window and chatters at the sparrows he’ll never get to kill.)

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