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Now available: the Sonic Resource Kit—Radio Free Brooklyn’s first-ever compilation album!

This exclusive collection of international artists also supports the freeform radio station you love.

Edited by Michele Carlo from information provided by RFB Music Director Rachel Cleary.

In June 2022, Radio Free Brooklyn released the Sonic Resource Kit, a 17-track compilation album featuring previously unreleased tracks from some of its favorite acts. Encompassing a wide variety of alternative music styles including Hip-Hop, Electronic, Psychedelic, Punk, Goth, Experimental, Acoustic, and World Music, Sonic Resource Kit features an incredibly diverse and multigenerational pool of talent. Represented acts include Bodoni (Italy), Early Remains (UK), and Suns of Southern Ulster (Ireland), along with national acts SUSS, Mikal Amin, Pallbearer Industry, Tom Lugo, and Teen Mortgage, and local favorites LoveHoney, PNK VLVT WTCH, and Mr. Patrick. 

Proceeds from the sale of the Sonic Resource Kit go directly to support the ongoing operations of Radio Free Brooklyn, and all of the featured bands have graciously donated their tracks to support this effort. As Bob Holmes of SUSS says, “Radio Free Brooklyn will always hold a special place in our hearts as they heard and understood and supported our music long before the mainstream media outlets. It’s a great place to discover new music. They have great ears and a unique voice.”

1. Mikal Amin, “Icon” 
2. Junfrau, “Take Me Down” 
3. Lovehoney, “Shadow” 
4. Don Puglisi, “God Hates Me” 
5. Bodoni, “Sala Must Be A Great Place To Visit” 
6. Dirty Baby, “Pang” 
7. Early Remains, “Fyrd” 
8. Teen Mortgage, “Oligarchy” 
9. Pallbearer Industry, “Freedom Oil” 
10. Mr. Patrick, “5 20 21.5-5 20 21 5:30 PM” 
11. Death Traps, “Stole Your Rock N’ Roll” (live edit) 
12. Ten Million Lights, “Entropy” 
13. PNK VLVT WTCH, “Trading Faces” 
14. Sons of Southern Ulster, “For the Birds” 
15. Smoke Test, “Synth City” 
16. Tom Lugo, “Just Like Flowers” (acoustic version) 
17. SUSS, “Cheyenne”

The breadth of these artists’ contributions attests to the international following of “hometown” freeform radio network Radio Free Brooklyn and is inclusive in the truest sense of the word.

Now that we’ve told you all about the Sonic Resource Kit, how can you get your hands—and ears on it? It’s exclusively on Bandcamp: https://radiofreebrooklyn.bandcamp.com/album/radio-free-brooklyn-sonic-resource-kit
And yes, you can stream from Bandcamp! There is a downloadable Bandcamp app that allows you to stream anything you purchase, anywhere. Also, starting in September, the first Friday of every month is “Bandcamp Friday,” when Bandcamp waives its processing fees—which means Radio Free Brooklyn keeps 100% of all sales on the first Friday of every month. Happy listening!

Liked (or loved) Sonic Resource Kit? Please consider leaving a review of the album or your favorite track on Bandcamp (or your favorite social media platform.)

Cover art created by Kosmo Vinyl with additional graphics by Lisa Levy.

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