Amplified: The Music Business

Hosted by Natalie Costanza LIVE every Sunday at 11:00pm

The Music Industry is more than shining lights and stadiums filled of screaming fans. There is a business behind the music that keeps this industry running. Often, most don't know about this intricate parts of the music industry. Let's amplify the people that allow for the magic to happen, behind the curtain.

About Natalie Costanza

I started broadcasting in radio when I was fourteen years old in my hometown of Rochester, NY. I love that music can bring people together and unite us through a shared love of melody and harmony. I love the business of music even more and moved to New York City in order to pursue a career in the music industry from a business perspective (no surprise!). I'm excited to learn from others leaders in the music industry, hear their stories and bond over shared experiences. I'm even more excited to share my love and enthusiasm about the music industry with the listeners of Radio Free Brooklyn.

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