The Dida Show

Hosted by Dida Pelled LIVE every Friday at 3:00pm

Insatiably curious jazz singer-songwriter Dida Pelled lets loose on the world of crooners and storytellers in this hour-long conversation/listening party. Each week we will meet someone special to Dida, a musician or just anyone, and listen in as she interrogates them on their inspirations and what moves them in life. If we're lucky we'll get to witness and steal one of their singing tricks ;)

About Dida Pelled

Brooklyn-based, Native Tel-Avivian, Dida Pelled, is widely regarded as the greatest jazz guitarist this side of the Mississippi. Pelled’s ambitions took shape as a child, when, entranced by bebop, she sequestered herself from the world and resolved to master guitar, later earning a spot in the Israeli Army band before training at the New School on a scholarship to study jazz. She quickly made a name for herself in the New York jazz scene, recording with Jazz masters like Roy Hargrove and Gregory Hutchinson and touring the world. As her jazz star rose, Pelled felt a pull toward classic American songwriting, shifting her direction and redefining her voice. Her music is the product of a jazz prodigy gone rogue. Love Of The Tiger, her latest release is a love letter to the obscure, weaving across genres, twisting and turning with Pelled’s ever-expanding range of musical abilities and interests.

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