Bands do BK

Hosted by Sam Sumpter LIVE every Thursday at 12:00pm

Bands do BK is a guide to Brooklyn—by bands, for everyone.

Based on the blog of the same name (, the radio show features live interviews with local artists, who take us on an aural tour of their Brooklyn, sharing their go-to places to work, play, eat, drink, go out, hang out and do anything (and everything!) in between.

Tune in for stories, songs and the opportunity to discover your new favorite band, bar, burrito(?!) and more in the borough—every Thursday at 11 pm.

About Sam Sumpter

An Austinite-turned-Brooklynite and writer by trade, Sam prowled the borough for two years in search of Brooklyn’s best bands and bars before deciding to combine her two missions—and blog about it, naturally.

Join her as she takes Bands do BK to RFB and continues her quest to experience the coolest spots in Brooklyn via the recs of the amazing artists who live it and love it (while likely working in a weird amount of Seinfeld references along the way).

Questions, comments or—most importantly—music recs? Are you an artist who wants to be interviewed—or hey, just wanna be friends? Shoot an email to

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