Black & Blues

Hosted by Robert Javors LIVE every Tuesday at 11:00am

Music by African-American artists from the 1920’s through the 1960’s - blues, gospel, rhythm & blues, early soul and doo wop with emphasis on the period from W.W. II through the sixties, taken from hard-to-find 78’s and 45’s and many be be unavailable on reissues.

About Robert Javors

Born in Brooklyn 75 years ago & still live here. Became interested in African-American music while in elementary school. Began collecting records while in high school, mostly R&B,blues,gospel and jazz. Hosted the program, Something Inside of Me on WKCR for about 8 years in the 1970’s. Contributed to at least 20 books dealing with African-American music and had articles published in Sing Out magazine in the 1970’s. I also had a rare records column in the English magazine, Blues and Rhythm and was a music consultant for the documentary movie, The Atomic Cafe. I made numerous record collecting trips to the Deep South, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc. during which I purchased tens of thousands of records, many of which ended up in my collection. In recent years I’ve worked as a consultant to various record producers both in the states and in Europe and records from my collection have been the basis for many cd’s issued both here and abroad.

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