Classical And a Bit More

Hosted by Franklin Mount every Wednesday at 5:00am

Classical and a Bit More concerns itself first and foremost with what we typically call “classical music,” a category which generally runs from medieval chants through the modern orchestra and modern chamber ensembles, with “Western” instruments and tonality (or atonality). … And a Bit More means the classical music traditions of India, China, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, indigenous musical traditions—everywhere I can find music that I’m sure you will love. And that is just about everywhere. Human beings have been making music for oh, I don’t know, perhaps that last forty thousand years. We need it. And we need it now more than ever. … And a Bit More also means musicians, critics, music lovers, and people who use music for healing. And community activists here in Brooklyn and across the United States and around the world.

About Franklin Mount

Franklin Mount is a native of New York City. And a native New Yorker whose family comes from the American South, and who took him back down South at the tender age of 4 and a half. After that, to Southern California. All the while, Franklin was plotting his return to New York. At age nine, Franklin’s father took him to see the movie "2001," and since the moment when Franklin heard the film open with the first chords of Also Sprach Zarathustra, the awe-inspiring Sonnenaufgang (Sunrise), he has been obsessed with classical music. Over time, Franklin’s tastes have broadened and deepened, but classical music has remained a constant. Classical music at its best provides an alternate reality, a magical soundscape, which never fails to lift the spirit.

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