Under the Influence

Hosted by Caylin McGlynn LIVE every Wednesday at 2:00pm

"Under the Influence" takes a magnifying glass to the fine print and analyzes the multitude of musical, cultural, historical, and aesthetic influences that makes an artist who they are inspires what they create. From deep dives into some of history's most iconic musicians, to personal interviews with local bands of all genres, follow us as we take a closer look at the building blocks of Brooklyn and NYC's ever innovative music scene.

About Caylin McGlynn

Raised in Austin, Texas, Caylin grew up surrounded by live music and was always passionate about supporting the local music scene. She fell in love with radio after being invited to sing a now embarrassing in hindsight cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" with her middle school choir on Austin's favorite local morning show at the time, "The Bobby Bones Show". Many years later, she went on to become a host of her own music radio show with her college radio station, WSUM, in Madison, Wisconsin. After graduating, Caylin moved to Brooklyn, where she now works as a production assistant for film and television with aspirations of becoming a director.

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