La-La Sing-Song Chit-Chat

Hosted by Shelly Zimms and Kristian Wilken LIVE every Thursday at 11:00am

A music, media, comedy and pop-culture power-hour. Your hosts, Shelly & Kristian, with the occasional local guest-star, will divulge into their new fascinations and infatuations of that week. From well-known classics, to unrepresented bops, each week they’ll connect music to current events and the world around them. If you love music, laughter, or joy of any kind- this is the show for you.

About Shelly Zimms

Originally from Long Island, Shelly Zimms is an Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Storyteller and Theatrical Teaching Artist. She has been featured in various short films, as well as performs on NYC stages such as The Moth & Dixon Place, and comedy spaces such as UCB and the PIT. She is heavily influenced by laughter, music, and delicious ambiguity.

About Kristian Wilken

Kristian is originally from Asheville, NC. A theatre kid at heart who’s grown to love all things creative- drag, tv, film, and a sucker for a good cover of a classic hit. His love for music and drama as a kid brought him to New York where he met co-host Shelly.

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