Shedding Light

Hosted by Sophia Stio LIVE every Sunday at 5:00pm

New popcorn. Toilet. Movies. Shows. Replacement Dodge Dakota Windshield Wiper in hot pink stainless steal. And also, cinema. You name it, we're promoting it! Shedding Light is committed to informing the greater Brooklyn community about inaccessible and fake media and culture. Born out of the same factory that thought up the Roomba vacuum, this sensational radio program is an hour of unadulterated misinformation. Go fetch!

About Sophia Stio

Sophia Stio could, if she wanted to, be a singer. However, she lacks the talent and charisma to command a stage. This is why she has chosen to hide behind a microphone and pursue comedy. With a passion for conversation that just won’t quit and an affinity for talking at people’s boyfriends, Shedding Light provides Stio with an outlet to chat it up!

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