Local Fidelity

Hosted by Tom Gallo every Tuesday at 4:00am

Local Fidelity showcases the best new music from Brooklyn and the greater New York City area music scene. As an avid participant and gig-goer, host Tom Gallo guides listeners through the depths of the city’s unrivaled underground music scene with specially curated playlists and in-depth interviews with local artists that are just on the verge of breaking out. You can also catch the occasional live in-studio performance and hear recorded performances from Tom’s cassette archive, The McKenzie Tapes, which contains a plethora of live performance at various NYC venues over the course of the last 40 years.

About Tom Gallo

Tom Gallo is a music enthusiast, record collector, archivist, and event producer whose immeasurable passion for music is only matched by his even bigger personality. When not hosting Look At My Records Live!, Tom runs The McKenzie Tapes, an archiving project that aims to digitize hundreds of recorded performances at various NYC venues over the course of the last 40 years. Tom also dabbles in music journalism, stand up comedy, and has produced both comedy and live music events. You can catch him at any number of local shows in Brooklyn!

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