Lush Vibes Radio

Hosted by Calvin Williams LIVE every Tuesday at 11:00pm

Lush Vibes Radio is a weekly two-hour music show that explores the airy, atmospheric, ambient side of all the genres you love, and all the genres you didn’t know you loved! On any given week, we dive into R&B, Soul, Pop, Electronica, Jazz, Hip Hop, as well as New Wave, Shoegaze, classic soul throwbacks, and genres you wouldn’t expect like Classical, Orchestral, Folk, and Country! From shimmering guitars, dreamy pianos, droning synthesizers, deep, wide bass, layered vocal harmonies, dynamic orchestral instrumentation, to generous usage of reverb, Lush Vibes Radio highlights music that is often chill, but never boring, and always lush.

About Calvin Williams

Part music geek, part tech geek, Brooklyn native Calvin Williams is an Engineer in the telecom industry by day, and tireless creative by night. On any given day, Calvin can be found designing graphics and web sites, wandering the streets with camera in hand and headphones on, writing songs and beats as a bedroom musician, or finding the next creative outlet to dive into. Calvin initially caught the radio bug during his days at the University of Hartford, moonlighting on the shows of friends and fellow students, and it’s been a bug that has never truly gone away for him.

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