Pop Sick

Hosted by Romy Bayhack LIVE every Wednesday at 5:00pm

Hosted by Romy Bayhack, Pop Sick is a deep dive into all facets of popular music and its intersection with fandom, queerness, and the way pop music shapes our lives. It aims to look at trends and explore the ways we're all affected by the music we listen to. It will also unpack today's artists and who their influences are and where they intersect. The show will look at who might be up-and-coming, and who is underrated and everything in between, but most of all, just have a good time.

About Romy Bayhack

Romy grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago, grew up at the height of Tumblr and Twitter fandom which fueled much of her passion for music and graduated from CU Boulder in 2020. She is currently a publicist at Big Hassle and loves music deeply in her core. She can't get enough, so she came to RFB to find a new outlet to bring her love of music to life and to further join the music-loving community in Brooklyn.

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