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Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock, New Wave, NO Wave, Dark Wave, Emo, MIDWEST Emo, what does it all mean, and how much does this music really have in common? Honestly, not much besides the fact that they share the same very early influences and a creative, DIY spirit. But this experimental approach to building upon early punk and hardcore roots by infusing guitar music with elements of funk, jazz, electronics, and so much more, is exactly what makes this music so exciting. On Post-Whatever, you'll hear a wide array of music from the descendants of the vast punk family tree from the late 70s to today. Some weeks will be a grab bag mixtape, and some weeks will have more of a focus on a certain scene, place, time period, or influential record label. Sometimes informative, but always fun, it's really just whatever.

About Karis Dodd

Karis Dodd is a music enthusiast with an equal love of groovy goth bass lines and twinkly midwest emo guitars. By day, Karis works in influencer marketing, but her true passions include YouTube video essays about music history, 80s alternative fashion, finding the best vintage film photo booths around the city, and teaching herself to crochet and play bass guitar (both somewhat unsuccessfully). She loves discovering new music, *especially* 80s post-punk bands lost to the sands of time or local Brooklyn bands playing live shows, so feel free to get in touch with any recommendations of artists you'd love to hear on the show!

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